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#1 The EDGE of SUCCESS – 9 Building Blocks to Double YOUR Sales! By: Clate Mask in association with Infusionsoft.

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Table of Contents:

  • Introduction page 3
  • Chapter 1: The Building Blocks page 11
  • Chapter 2: The “Secret” to Small Business Success page 14
  • Chapter 3: Supercharge Your Website page 17
  • Chapter 4: Fill the Funnel page 23
  • Chapter 5: Convert Your Funnel page 26
  • Chapter 6: Win Lifelong Customers page 31
  • Chapter 7: Flip Your Funnel page 35
  • Chapter 8: Sell Stuff Online page 39
  • Chapter 9: Collect the Cash page 43
  • Chapter 10: Grow Through Partners page 47
  • Chapter 11: Measure and Tweak page 51
  • Conclusion: Time to Get Started page 56
  • “I Have Pain!” The Infusionsoft Story
  • The Real Pain of the Small Business Owner
  • In many cases, the struggles of small business ownership spread far beyond the walls of their company.
  • What I Learned About Managing and Growing Small Businesses
  • The Nine Building Blocks to Doubling Your Sales …Plus One Incredible Secret!
  • Sitting on the Edge of Success
  • The Building Blocks
  1. Supercharge Your Website
  2. Fill Your Funnel
  3. Convert Your Funnel
  4. Win Lifelong Customers
  5. Sell Stuff Online
  6. Flip Your Funnel
  7. Collect the Cash
  8. Grow Through Partners
  9. Measure and Tweak
  • But, Why Should I Follow These Nine Building Blocks?
  • Is Doubling Your Sales the Best Goal to Achieve?
  • What Does Doubling Your Sales Have to do with Small Business Pains?
  • The “Secret” to Small Business Success
  • How the “I Have Pain” Story Taught Me the Secret of Small Business Success
  • What Does Master of the Moment Mean?
  • People buy when THEY are ready to buy, not when you are ready to sell.
  • Timing is everything
  • Follow up relentlessly
  • The Building Blocks are tools for making the most of contact moments with:
  • Prospects
  • Customers
  • Partners
  • Supercharge Your Website
  • Harness the Power of the Internet
  • 70% of the U.S. Population Regularly Use the Internet
  • Drowning in the Sea of Similarity…and Boredom
  • Supercharge to be a Superstar!
  • Turning your Website into a Lead Capturing, Lead Converting Machine
  • Visitors want to do something
  • Introducing your Internet viewers
    1. People are egocentric. Subconsciously, they’re viewing your webpage and thinking, “There’s tons of companies just like you. What are you going to do for me?
    2. People love being entertained. If they believe your website is providing interesting information, you’ll have them hooked.
    3. People want their opinions valued. This is why most companies have incorporated a blog or forums–so that their customers can put in their two cents.
    4. And… This is the ticket to creating value for YOUR business… Visitors want to do something.
  • A few more suggestions of possible website content that makes your site more customer-centric, and effective:
    1. Pictures and descriptions of your product
    2. Benefits of your product (directly related to your buyer)
    3. Interesting facts and statistics
    4. High interest stories
    5. Customer testimonials or responses
    6. Forums
  • Fill the Funnel
  • Where, Oh Where Has That Little Lead Gone?
  • Today’s Leads are Tomorrow’s Buyers! Flow your leads into your funnel…
  • The Funnel is Your Database
  • The Price of Lost Leads
  • The Lead Process:
  1. Prospect request information and the ‘lead’ comes in.
  2. Follow up Campaign Implemented
  3. Prospects are Added to a Database
  4. Prospects receive a variety of follow up information targeted to their interests through email, direct mail, voice broadcast and more!
  • You Don’t Have to Be the Pushy Sales Guy
  • Becoming a Better Salesperson
  • Capture Your Leads to Capture More Dollars
  • Assign ALL your leads the value they deserve. Treat each prospect as if they were already your customer, and remember that a vast number of them will be. Your next customer?
  • Convert Your Funnel
  • Valueless Messages
  • Add Value & Add Revenue
  • Quick word of warning: valuable follow-up messages should beninteresting or informative. Determine beforehand what information your prospects could benefit from, and send that.
  • Reveal Your Personality
  • Use conversational language
  • Laugh at yourself and your mistakes
  • Don’t compartmentalize your business and personal lives — Discuss the “stuff” of your personal life with your prospects and customers
  • There is a world of possibilities when it comes to sending valuable follow-up marketing materials. Such as:
  • Free Reports
  • Free Whitepapers
  • Downloads
  • Emails with tips, tricks, and stories
  • Links to news articles
  • Newsletters
  • And just about anything else!
  • Get Personal or Why People Love Snakes
  • Show, Don’t Tell
  • You Got the Prospect to Buy-Now What?
  • Win Lifelong Customers
  • Winning lifelong customers requires the ability to not only get a prospect to buy again and again, but to do so happily.
  • Too Hard to Build Customer Loyalty
  • Make your customer feel special.
  • Keep a Database
  • Target Your Follow-up Campaigns
  • Deliver as Promised
  • It’s the Simple Things that Make a Difference
  • But don’t make it complicated. And, don’t be extravagant. Simple solutions are best.
  • Flip Your Funnel
  • You’re in Business to Make Money–So, Make it!
  • Complacency is the worst habit of small business owners.
  • Cross Selling Simplicity
  • The Subliminal Logic of the Up-Sell
  • WOW! Them with Relationship Selling
  • You must always be giving your customer a reason WHY they should be buying from you. And why they need to keep buying from you.
  • Keeping your customers feeling happy and positive about your products is going to make that difference on whether they are a one time buyer, customer, or raving fan.
  • If you’re not taking the time to “master” every single moment, and continue to find ways of interacting with them… you’re going to lose them.
  • Let’s wrap it up!
  • When you flip your funnel, you’re flipping the cash machine. You have an entire funnel of people that are waiting for you to make them a cherished customer, so they can give you their hard earned money.
  • Sell Stuff Online
  • Everybody’s Buying! But, Nobody’s Selling
  • Since 2006 online shopping has increased by 50 %!
  • If you are in the business to make money, you need to make it. Online sales are a great source of capital.
  • The Phobia
  • Increased Internet Security
  • Get a Simple System
  • Expand Your Reach-Make Big Bucks!
  • Sell More By Selling Online
  • Collect the Cash
  • Collections is a Full Time Job
  • When You Start Dodging Collections Calls
  • The Overhead Management Nightmare
  • Put Your Finances on Autopilot
  • Automate the Collections Process
  • There are a few financial rules that small businesses, serious about growth, need to follow.
    1. Payment expectations should be consistent and clear to customers
    2. When possible have a no payment-no product policy
    3. Have a systemized collections process
  • Automate Your Financial Tasks
  • Get Paid and Get Growing
  • Grow Through Partners
  • Use PARTNERS to help grow your business
  • What Do They Add?
  • The Fight For Referrals
  • No Growth
  • 3 Challenges of Managing Referrals:
    1. How are payment agreements managed?
    2. How do you track affiliate payment?
    3. What if the affiliate doesn’t do anything?
  • How Do You Manage Them All?
  • Affiliates Provide the Referrals
  • Employees will never care about your business like you do.
  • Extended Reach
  • The more affiliates and partners you have, the less time it takes you to reach a larger audience.
  • Technology to the Partnership Rescue
  • Don’t Fight It
  • Get a software system in place!
  • Measure and Tweak
  • Measure and Tweak Includes:
  • Tracking
  • Tweaking
  • Measuring
  • Double Your Sales with a Doubled Marketing Effort
  • A Shot in the Dark
  • Get a System
  • Move Forward with Confidence
  • Test and Test Again

#2 10 Magnets to Capture More Leads Online – They’re simply irresistible. By: Infusionsoft.

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  • Internet Traffic Alone Does NOT Indicate Success
  • The Benefits
  • Built-in Permission
  • Easy, Natural Follow-Up
  • A Shift in Psychology
  • Indication of Your Prospect’s Interests
  • Types of Magnets
  • “My kingdom for a [useful piece of information or free stuff]”

Here are some of the most popular lead gen magnets we’ve seen:

  1. Write an E-Book Bestseller
    • Choose a fairly narrow topic.
    • Spend some time and/or money on the cover.
    • Edit. Then edit one more time.
  2. Throw Together a “Downloadable Kit”
  3. Give Away a Free Consultation/Quote
  4. Send Out an Educational Email Series
  5. Dish Out Free Samples
  6. Activate a Free Trial
  7. Produce a Video Series
    • Extending the Offer - It’s crucial that you eliminate the barriers to entry for your lead gen magnet. Here are a few things to keep in mind when capturing these leads via a Web form:
      1. Make sure the form is “above the fold” if possible.
      2. Use checkboxes for extended permission.
      3. Ask for only what you need.
      4. Tell them what they’ll get.
  8. Deliver an Informative White Paper
  9. Give an Exclusive Invitation to a Live Webinar
  10. Host an Event

Once you’ve built up a steady stream of Internet traffic, your job is far from over. You have to implement a leadgen magnet (or 10) to capture those leads. As you put these magnets into place—and automate the delivery and follow-up with marketing automation—you’ll see great results. Leads won’t just come to your business; they’ll knock on the door to ask for your stuff. That’s a great way to run a business.

So go answer that door—someone wants in. Best of luck!

#3 Content Marketing Strategies – You don’t have to pay for good advertising. By: Infusionsoft.

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The top four reasons small business marketers use content marketing, according to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI):

  1. Brand awareness (74%)
  2. Lead generation (68%)
  3. Customer retention/loyalty (67%)
  4. Customer recruitment (60%)
  • The Benefits of Content Marketing
  • A Different Type of Marketing
  • No More Interruptions
  • Solve a Problem, Not Pitch a Sale
  • Prospects Who Look Forward to Your Messages
  • Expand Your Reach
  • Here are some of the ways you can deliver your content to the world:
  • Videos.
  • Blog Articles.
  • Reports.
  • Podcasts.
  • Byline Articles.
  • Newsletters.
  • Membership Sites.
  • Tweets and Facebook Posts.
  • Create an Editorial Calendar

There are a lot of big wins to be had with paid advertising, no doubt about it. But there are even bigger wins (and a bigger ROI) to be had with content marketing. You have content… you wouldn’t be in business without it. It’s time to put that content out into the world and watch the leads come rolling in. These leads are the ones you want, the ones who are looking for a solution. It’s a win-win situation.

So go create (repurpose) some content for your marketing. Ready, set, go!

#4 Copywriting Tips to Make Your Message Shine – Removing the fear, procrastination and run-ons from your content. By:  Infusionsoft.

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  • Make Your Message Shine
  • Focus on Relationships, Not Sales
  • Personality Trumps the Professor
  • One-to-One Conversation
  • Size Doesn’t Matter
  • Don’t Talk about Products
  • Urgency
  • Words, Words, Words (A Copywriting Checklist)
  • Using the right words will help you be successful in a few ways:
    1. You’ll stay welcome in your prospects’ inboxes (because they actually read what you send them)
    2. You’ll position yourself as the expert (because they know you have something important to say)
    3. And ultimately, you’ll make a bunch of sales (because you’ll stay in their minds until they are ready to buy)
  1. Overall Tone
    • The writing is casual and avoids formal clichés
    • The writing feels more like a conversation I would have with a person in a restaurant than a speech I would give to a crowd of 1,000
    • My personality is reflected somewhere in the copy
  2. Content
    • There is enough information in the opening sentences to tell the whole story
    • The bullets are complete thoughts that pertain to the intro sentence
    • I have included subheads/titles for people who simply want to scan the document
    • The copy includes a clear call to action
  3. Mechanics and Readability
    • I checked the copy for spelling/grammar errors
    • I replaced the big words to improve readability
    • I read through the copy and deleted unnecessary sentences/thoughts
    • Someone else has read my copy to check for flow and readability

Don’t make this harder than it needs to be. Simply talk to your audience like you would talk to a friend. You’ll see your conversion rates improve, your bottom line increase and your stress levels go way down. Isn’t copywriting fun?!

#5 How to Use Facebook to Attract Traffic – Be the most “likeable” business in town. By: Infusionsoft.

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  • How to Use Facebook to Attract Traffic
  • Using Your Facebook Page as a Platform for Your Brand
  • Be sure to include content that will further your brand strategy. This includes:
  • Regularly posting helpful links and notifications
  • Choosing a profile image that accurately reflects your brand and is easily recognizable
  • Posting photos that represent your personality (remember, people buy from people)
  • Encouraging interaction and sharing
  • Responding to feedback in a timely and professional way
  • Choose Your URL
  • Start Your Facebook Ad Campaign
  1. Determine Your Objective
    • Direct Response
    • Brand Awareness
  2. Create Your Ads - Here are the elements of a Facebook Ad that you will need to design:
    • Title
    • Text
    • Destination
    • Image
  3. Choose Your Audience


#6 INTERNET MARKETING - A Guidebook to Small Business Success. By: Infusionsoft.

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30 things you can do today to start seeing results tomorrow.

Table of Contents:

  • 3 Introduction
  • 4 Website Effectiveness
  • 8 Traffic Generation
  • 18 List Building
  • 22 Contact Management
  • 25 Email Marketing
  • 30 Conclusion


  • Growing a small business takes time.
  • If you can become proficient in a few simple areas, you will be well on your way to success.
  • Website Evaluati on | Total time: 1–3 hours
    1. Where do your eyes go first?
    2. Do you know right away what this website is about?
    3. Is the important information “above the fold?”
    4. Can you easily find the benefits of the product/service?
    5. Is there a clear call to action?
    6. Are the colors and images aesthetically pleasing?
    7. Is the font easy to read?
    8. Are there bulky sections of writing anywhere on the page?
    9. Do the menu items clearly tell you where they will take you?
    10. Is there an easy way to contact the business?
    11. Can you find out more about the owner or employees of the company?
    12. Do you feel personally connected?
    13. Is the writing corporate or conversational?
    14. Is there a webform above the fold?
    15. Is the offering appealing enough to make you want to give your email address?
    16. Is there multimedia?
    17. Are there links to social media?
  • The Next Step | Setup time: Ongoing
  • Once you determine the areas of your website that need improvement, develop a plan to start implementing changes.
  • ANALYTICS | Setup time: 1 hour
  • We recommend using Google Analytics—it is free, easy to set up, and easy to use.
  • SEO | Setup time: 2 – 5 hours, then minimal ongoing maintenance
  • Keywords
  • Inbound Links
  • Local Search Listings
  • PAID ADVERTISING | Setup time: 1–3 hours
  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads
  • NOTE: With Google, you choose words that people will be searching for. With Facebook, you choose what type of people you will send your ad to.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA | Setup time: 1 – 8 hours
  • Start and Maintain a Blog - Some suggestions for blog posts include:
  • Industry-specific tips
  • Special offers/new product features
  • Book reviews
  • Tutorials and how-to’s
  • Interviews with employees, customers, or partners
  • Giveaways, contests, surveys
  • Get a Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn account
  • Each of these services will get your brand more exposure and allow you to communicate with prospects and customers.
  • Comment
  • Can you imagine a dinner party where everybody only told their own stories, but never responded to others?
  • ARTICLE MARKETING | Setup time: 1 – 2 hours (excluding article)
  • Don’t sell in these articles. Just inform, educate, entertain… and then send them to your site to learn more.
  • Some popular article sites are:
  • VIDEO MARKETING | Setup time: 1 hour (excluding video creation)
  • Video marketing is simply publishing your message online through videos. Videos could be just about anything—you talking, a product demo, a promotional campaign, or anything that highlights your company or product/service.
  • These videos don’t have to be professionally made—even inexpensive cameras will work. The key is to create buzz around your video. If it is clever, funny, interesting, relevant, or unique in any way, it will get traffic. Get creative… and have fun!
  • A few simple videos can dramatically increase your exposure on the Internet and help drive more traffic to your website.
  • Organization is the key to effectively marketing to these leads in the future.
  • Try Excel, Outlook, or Gmail’s Contact Manager.
  • WEBFORMS | Total time: 1–3 hours
  • Your webform should be placed “above the fold” of your website.
  • Typically, “first name,” “last name,” and “email address” are sufficient. When a visitor sees a webform with fields like “home address,” “phone number,” or “mother’s maiden name,” they start to get suspicious. Keep it simple and relevant to your purposes.
  • Explain that you will honor their privacy!
  • LEAD-GENERATION INCENTIVE PIECES | Total time: 2–8 hours
  • This piece can be many things: an exclusive video, an ebook, a white paper, or a free consultation. But it must have value.
  • Here are a few ideas for lead-generation pieces that you could offer:
  • Free pricing quote
  • Coupons
  • Contest
  • Drawings
  • Free webinar (use a site like to host a great webinar)
  • Free trial
  • Special discounts
  • REFER-A-FRIEND PROGRAMS | Total time: 2–5 hours
  • A good referral program must make it worthwhile for the person doing the referring. Offering incentives, such as free products, monetary “commissions,” or other rewards will give them a little extra motivation.
  • You should also give them collateral to use when they “sell” your product, such as brochures, special landing pages, or other advertising pieces.
  • A customer relationship manager (CRM) is a necessity for most businesses.
  • There are many benefits that come with a good CRM.
  • A good CRM should allow you to easily input data. Your CRM should be linked to your webform, for example, to minimize manual data entry.
  • Manually entering information is okay at first, but once your list starts growing it will be difficult, if not impossible, to keep up with the demand.
  • Depending on your business, you may want to know and track details such as/;
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Location
  • Propensity to read e-mails
  • Purchase History
  • Time spent on your website.
  • Webinar Attendance and more.
  • Here are a few ideas:
  • Do a survey
  • Take a poll
  • Hold a contest
  • Give something away
  • Jot down notes when you have a conversation with someone
  • Send an email asking contacts to update their info
  • Invite them to take part in your new email series
  • Utilizing a CRM to segment your prospect list into targeted groups will help your marketing process.
  • You should be able to, for instance, categorize your list by the actions they’ve taken (such as watching an online demo or ordering an ebook), what they’ve purchased, when they last talked to you, where they live, etc.
  • Send out emails, direct mail, invitations, coupons, or whatever else will encourage them to act.
  • With a good CRM, you’ll know what interests your prospects and what information they’ve already received.
  • There’s no need to send out generic email blasts or postcards to your entire list.
  • Avoid Spam words such as:
  • Free
  • Cheap
  • %
  • Work-from-home
  • Click here
  • Discount
  • Coupon
  • Special offer
  • Limited time
  • Subject Lines and Sender
  • Make sure that your subject lines are intriguing, but that they don’t over-promise.
  • Typically, your company name is a good way to ensure recognition and trust. Personal names work too, provided that they are recognizable.
  • Avoid using “noreply” or “systems” addresses.
  • Send Relevant Content
  • A valuable email could contain a special offer that appeals to the buyer, useful educational content, entertainment, or content that gives requested information.
  • Frequency
  • You may be in an industry where they want an email a day. Or maybe once a week is appropriate. Take a survey and find out what your contacts are looking for.
  • Make Sure Your Emails Are Interesting
  • This starts with the subject line, but it also includes the headline, design, and content.
  • Everything you write should help the prospect get answers, clarify misconceptions, climb over stumbling blocks, and otherwise help them arrive at your product/service, ready to buy.
  • Use Permission-Based Marketing
  • When a prospect opts-in to your list, he/she should know what to expect from your future communications.
  • It is also important to allow your prospects to easily opt-out of communications when they desire.
  • Create an Email Strategy
  • Each email you send out should fit into a greater scheme, and they should all work toward a common goal.
  • Use Multime dia and Links
  • Try including links to the following:
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Entertaining articles
  • Social media campaigns
  • Contests or surveys
  • Don’t try to say it all in the email… use all of your resources together. Email is just a great way to get the word out.
  • Consistent Follow-Up
  • In general, it takes several communications with a prospect before he/she is ready to buy.
  • If you can stay in front of them, educating and building trust along the way, they’ll come to you when they are ready to buy.
  • If you put a new-lead campaign, a long-term nurture sequence, and a new-customer campaign into place, you will see dramatic improvement in your conversion rates.

You can begin to implement these steps in your business today! Don’t try to do them all at once. Take your time. Do it
right. You will be seeing the results you want (and deserve) soon.

To your success! Best of luck in growing your business.

Don’t wait until tomorrow!


#7 The Small Business Marketing Guide - 7 Steps that Will Transform Your Business. By: Infusionsoft.

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  • Increase lunch sales by 30%.
  • Donate 1% of profits to community foundation
  • Open a 2nd location by the university
  • Invest in NEW brewing equipment
  • Fill next month’s event calendar THIS month
  • Get featured in a local magazine
  • SING at open mic night. YIKES!!
  • Teach mom what a hashtag is :)
  • Get more Twitter followers
  • Send out event reminders.
  • Blog more often
  • Expand into catering
  • Create new coffee packaging
  • Expand my online store on my website
  • Find more time to volunteer
  • Increase food sales with upsell offers
  • Offer more yummy pastries mmmm… eat more yummy pastries… in Paris!
  • Organize my customer contact info
  • Upgrade the espresso machine
  • Put more effort into the loyalty program…
  • Attract more traffic (foot and online)
  • Attract more tourists to my shop
  • Remember my regulars’ names (sorry Dave!)
  • Design a coffee punch card
  • Sell more super cool mugs online
  • zzZzzZz… Sleep in two days in a row.
  • Stop writing things down on napkins.
  • Fine more affordable suppliers.
  • Meet the Perfect Customer Lifecycle
  • STEP 1: Attract Traffic
  • Content Ideas
  • Coupons
  • Reports
  • Blog Posts
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • Case Studies
  • Get Discovered with SEO
  • Get Results with PPC
  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Get Social
  • What content can I use to attract traffic?
  • Where should I promote my content?
  • STEP 2: Capture Leads
  • Your Content Isn’t Compelling
  • You Ask for Too Much Information
  • You Don’t Inspire Trust
  • STEP 3: Nurture Prospects
  • Set Frequency Expectations
  • Personalize Your Communications
  • Personalized email campaigns generate two to three times higher click-through rates than mass email campaigns and two times higher conversion rates.
  • Upgrade from Autoresponders to True Automation
  • Nuture Sequence:
  • Day 1 — Newsletter
  • Day 15 — Coupon
  • Day 30 — Newsletter
  • STEP 4: Convert Sales
  • E-Commerce Shopping Carts
  • Use upsell and cross-sell offers to increase transaction amounts.
  • Personal Selling
  • STEP 5: Deliver and Satisfy
  • Service as a Marketing Strategy
  • 55% of customers purchased from a company because of their reputation for great customer service.
  • Deliver as Promised—Automatically
  • STEP 6: Upsell Customers
  • One of the very first statistics business owners learn is this: 80% of your profits come from the top 20% of your customers.
  • In general, acquiring a new customer costs 5 to 7 times more than retaining an existing customer.
  • STEP 7: Get Referrals
  • Get Customer Referrals
  • Leverage Affiliates
  • Motivate Partners to Act
  • Achieve Your Goals
  • Marketing Automation Solutions from Infusionsoft
  • Email Marketing
  • Powerful CRM
  • Smart Automation
  • E-Commerce

To learn more about how Infusionsoft can revolutionize your business with integrated email marketing and CRM solutions, visit


#8 Socializing with Your Prospects & Customers - How to use Facebook to nurture prospects, convert sales and get referrals. By: Infusionsoft.

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Facebook is a great tool that can make an impact on your entire marketing plan. From attracting traffic to getting referrals, Facebook has a solution. Let’s dive into a few areas where Facebook can make a big difference.

  •  Nurture Prospects
  • Get into the Conversation
  • Questions
  • Brand Interaction and Social Proof
  • The “Like” Button
  • Convert Sales
  • Selling on Facebook
  • How Do I Do That?
  • Get Referrals


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